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Planning for 2021!

Are you planning for 2021?! You should be! It's so important to plan ahead, otherwise you risk falling behind. Grab a note pad and go month by month. Think about where you want your business to grow and how you will get there. Look at different themes, product launches, business expansions etc. Look at your finances and budget, what will you be investing this year for your business? Take a look at your marketing. Where and what will you be advertising over the year? Take a look at your staff. How can you help them be the best?

Planning can be a challenge. As a social media manager and content creator, I have a monthly calendar for each of my clients. We make a general plan of the year, and focus in month by month. Each month generally has a theme or topics we want to cover. From there we plan each post focused on knowledge, inspiration, sales, education etc.

There is a lot of planning, prep and work that goes into each month to be sure my clients are getting exactly what they need. No posting willy nilly in 2021. Let's have a plan! If you want to talk more about your business and plan, let's hope on a call!

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