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Psychology of Social Media and Sales

Did you know I have my bachelor’s degree in psychology? Psychology and sociology have a lot to do with marketing. Understanding consumer behaviour can give you a clear picture of how your customer shops, what they look for in packaging, what they value in products and so much more.

Sales Pitch: Framing your sales pitch in an appealing way can be the life or deal of the sale.

Original Price – Jacket is $125 and water bottle s $23 Sale 1 - $113.50 for the jacket and $23 for the water bottle Sale 2 - $125 for the jacket and $11.50 for the water bottle (50% off the water bottle)

In both cases you are saving $11.50 but one is more appealing than the other. It’s all about the way you word the sale.


Pricing your offers can be difficult. What number should i go with? Should I make it a round number or a .99 number.

Psychology says if you are creating a lower ticket offer go with a non round number. This is a rational purchase and people don't pay as much attention to it. Something like $59.00

As for your higher ticket offer, that is something that is purchased with the heart. People will be more comfortable paying for a number that "feels good." That would be a round number. Try something like $2500.

Eye Contact: Use eye contact in your marketing material. It helps the customer feel as if they are being seen and are having a connection with you. When someone walks into your store, look them in the eye when you greet them. Post photos on social media with your eyes looking at the camera. It will allow for a deeper connection. The Trix bunny on a cereal box is looking down…. Making eye contact with the kids who would want the cereal!

The Psychology of Marketing could go on forever but those are just a couple tips and tricks when developing your marketing plans.

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