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Schedule Social Posts!!

One of the biggest misconceptions I hear is that "I have to post every day so people don't forget about me." This is false! Posting just to post will get you no further ahead with your audience. You want to remember quality over quantity.

Each platform is different, and they all have unique audiences. If you look through your insights, or take a look at your live tab you'll be able to tell when a majority of people are online. That is when you want to be posting!

If you're new to the platform it might be a little bit of trial and error to start off. You're building your audience so you may not know when they're active. Try different times and see what takes off. (Parents might enjoy social media later at night when the young ones are asleep, while young people maybe looking at it on their lunch break)

Stay consistent! I recommend scheduling your posts; whether that be for the week, 2 weeks, the month or longer. It is important to schedule and stay consistent that way you're not scrambling to find "something to post."

If you would like to learn more or talk about your business, let's Konnect!

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