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Great to meet you!

My name is Kassandra and I'm a marketing strategist, social media manager, and educator.

Throughout my career, I have worked in both field and educational positions. I started freelancing throughout my College studies and really enjoyed watching businesses grow. After my internship was complete, I decided to just go for it by opening my own business! 

Kassandra sitting with laptop

Watching local businesses grow and develop has been something I am proud of and excited to be a part of it.


I have always found a deep interest in human behaviour which is what drove me to obtain my BA in Psychology right out of high school. During my second year, I took a Business Management course and that changed my entire direction. I went on to acquire my diploma in Business Marketing and from there a certificate in Digital Marketing. 

After graduation, I decided an internship position was the perfect way to learn the ins and outs of how local businesses function and how affective social media can help grow a business. I have also taken up a teaching position at Confederation College where I am honoured to teach Internet Marketing courses. 

Social Media is an ever-growing industry and is so important to incorporate within your business, especially now! I understand first-hand how busy running a business can be and that's why I'm here. My goal is to give you time back to focus on other things, provide you with a professional and effective social media presence, all while meeting your individual needs and budget.

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